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About Goodwrench Construction Services and Goodwrench Lubricants Trading

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The journey of the company began in 2009 under the name Goodwrench Engineering and Construction. With a strong focus on Metal and Welding Works, the company quickly made a name for itself in the industry. Its expertise expanded to include automotive body and frame fabrication, repair, and other related services. This experience allowed the company to build a team of skilled workers with diverse expertise in various crafts such as metal fabrication, automotive painting, electrical wiring works, and other repair services. With their combined skills, the company became a go-to destination for clients seeking high-quality workmanship.

However, the company didn't stop there. It embarked on a rebranding journey, shifting its focus to Construction Services and Lubricants Trading. As part of this transition, the company began working as a sub-contractor to larger, well-established construction companies. This move not only allowed the company to tap into bigger projects but also enabled them to learn from industry leaders, gaining valuable insights and expanding their capabilities.

In the realm of construction services, the company takes great pride in its journey, having had the privilege of working on a variety of projects that have left a positive impact on the communities it serves. From building efficient water systems that contribute to the well-being of neighborhoods, to constructing school classrooms that nurture young minds, the company is honored to have been a part of these meaningful endeavors. 

Amidst its transformation, Goodwrench Lubricants Trading emerged as a significant milestone for the company. This exciting venture took shape when the company was granted the prestigious status of an authorized dealer for renowned brands such as FUCHS, LUBRITECH, CASSIDA, and LUBEMASTER Products in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. 

Expanding its product portfolio, the company also became an authorized dealer for various other local and international brands of lubricants and automotive parts. From automotive applications to construction, industrial, food-grade, and even marine applications, the company boasts an extensive range to fulfill the specialized lubrication needs of its customers. This diverse product offering empowers the company to serve various industries, ensuring that they have the perfect lubrication solutions to keep

their machinery and equipment running smoothly and efficiently.


With its reputation for quality services in Metal and Welding Works, Construction Services, and now Lubricants Trading, the company has solidified its position as a reliable and versatile partner in the business landscape. By continuously adapting to market demands and staying committed to excellence, Goodwrench Construction Services and Lubricants Trading has transformed into a dynamic enterprise, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for its customers' diverse needs. As we look towards the future, the company is poised to continue its journey of growth and success, leaving an indelible mark in the industries it serves.


To thrive to become not just a mere supplier and provider of Goods and Services but to become an Ideal Partner for Growth, High-productivity, and Quality that is founded on Trust, Reliability, and Integrity.


The thrust of the company is to provide the best quality oil and lubricants in Affordable and Reasonable prices without compromising the Quality, Effectiveness, and Efficiency.


Moreover, the company is committed to provide the best Professional Services in the execution and fulfillment of all Engineering and Construction Works through Quality, Safety, On-time Delivery and in a Cost-Efficient Way.

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